theArtWorks™ houses  a 7K square foot gallery, artists studios, coffee shop, wifi, and more.  The gallery gives artists a place to work their work, the community an event venue.  Studios include workspace, individual galleries and shop.  Meeting and classrooms are also available. And of course, the coffee shop and wifi enhances space for conversations, meetings, and social interaction.


Dainty Moose

Aundi Wison, at her own Dainty Moose Mudworks in theArtWorks™, holds the cute ceramic giraffe she designed and made.  On the shelves behind her are her handmade platters. Come and see.  

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The Studios

The studios are looking good. One of these days in the not too distant future, people will want to come to theArtWorks™ just to see the clever and creative ways the artists have fixed up their spaces, inside and outside along the village streets.

Jim and Betsy have allowed the artists to do what they want to their studios, within reason of course, keeping in mind that there is a New Orleans theme going on. That is quite a license to an artist and also makes for a lot of fun. Even if they look finished, most of the studios are works in progress, and on any given day, you are likely to find an artist changing the color of a wall, rearranging, adding new pieces. There are bold and bright colors, interesting exteriors and lighting, each studio as unique as the artist who uses it. Who knew that so much could be done with 150 square feet!

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Open Studios

The beautiful new flags in front of the building helped identify Open Studios today. Many thanks to Betsy and Jim!

Each Saturday from ten a.m. to three p.m theArtWorks™ is open to the public. Many of the artists are there, either working in their own studios or out and about the village. We are always glad to have people visiting, and we enjoy chatting with anyone who wants to stop by. Wilmington is full of art lovers.

Today Erika and Maria hung some paintings on the wall in the big front room. We really needed that! Thanks to you both and to the artists who contributed. 

Another successful Open Studios Saturday!


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Maria's Botanical Paintings

Not only does Maria Esther Williams paint beautiful pictures of flowers, she also is an accomplished flower arranger. When you come to her studio, in addition to these paintings you are also likely to see a vase full of greenery and fresh flowers from her yard. 




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Behind the purple wall

Erika Lawrence, who occupies the large purple studio at the end of Rembrandt, has been at theArtWorks™ since its beginning.

First a painter, she now primarily works with clay and turns out 3D masterpieces. Some of her works are lovely and interesting hand crafted containers with (don't tell!) secret lids, and she says she thinks of them as vessels. Not only are they great for hiding valuables, but I hear they make perfect urns to keep the ashes of the dearly departed. In this picture, a vessel is to the right of the mysterious beauty who holds the world in her hands.


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What Is Art?

Art can be a controversial subject. It has been abused, celebrated, maligned, and glorified but most of all, it is a part of everyone's daily life whether we are aware or not.

But what is art? A dictionary definition says it is ". . . an expression or application of human creative skill and imagination."

And what else?

"Art is a discovery and development of elementary principles of nature into beautiful forms suitable for human use."  Frank Lloyd Wright

"Art is anything that communicates emotion."  Leo Tolstoy

"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known."  Oscar Wilde

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."  Thomas Merton

"Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist."  Rene Magritte

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art."  Leonardo da Vinci

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Judy Pawinski, Painter, Art Teacher, Bob Ross Certified

Judy Pawinski's dreams were realized when she read in the paper about the ArtWorks in Wilmington.  This dream was to have her own studio, give lessons, and have the support with and from other artists-   Judy did not have any formal art education, but taking action with passion, my golden years are filled with bold colors, shapes and textures that I express on canvas—

Judy will be the featured artist FRIDAY, Fourth Friday, August 22. She paints in a variety of styles, but her colorful and energetic abstracts are sure to please the crowd. TheArtWorks™ Wilmington NC.