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Hello From Bulgaria!

Our theArtWorks™, Artist Leslie Campbell is in Bulgaria for the month of October. She will be updating us on her marvelous experiences! Scroll the pictures below!! Just tap them. Keep up on FB .

Hello from Bulgaria!  I arrived here on October 1st and the weather has been beautiful.  My luggage went on a completely different journey than me, but I am happy to report we are reunited!  The Imago Residency in Tsiramir, Bulgaria is located in a tiny village 20 minutes from Plovdiv. 

I applied for this residency last winter and was very excited to be accepted.  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was nervous and anxious the week before my departure.  I thought, “dear GOD what I have I signed myself up for?” Now that my first week is coming to a close, I can start to feel my nerves unfurl and am finding village life quite suitable for me.  There is some culture shock, a language barrier and food challenges but my accommodations are comfortable, modest and charming. When I’m feeling anxious or questioning why I did this in the first place, I remind myself to love the process and to have fun.  I have moments where I feel completely overwhelmed. As if I have produce all kinds of art, and work work work! The idea behind this residency is to immerse yourself into new surroundings, enjoy new experiences and get inspired by the things you do and see along the journey.  For some, lots of work pours out of them, and for others, it isn’t until they get home that the work actually happens.  

This residency is small, only 2 other artists are here, and there is tremendous support in aspects of the art world.  The hosts, Rado and Tedy, are art historians, curators and contemporary art lecturers and the founders of Art and Culture Today.  I encourage you to look at their website:


I have my own studio and lots of surrounding land to explore for inspiration.  I have enjoyed some home cooked meals (all of which include feta cheese) and some local spirits called Rakia.  There are two kittens that love to play in the courtyard and I am really taken by how quiet it is.

  The city of Plovdiv is the Cultural Capital of Europe 2019 and has a thriving art scene.  I visited the art supply store there and started setting up my space for work. We have several excursions planned over the next few weeks and I will update you again if you’d like to follow along on this adventure with me.  I’m also on Instagram: @ravenworks_studio for even more behind the scenes pictures and stories. 

Kind Regards,

Leslie Campbell