theArtWorks™ houses  a 7K square foot gallery, artists studios, coffee shop, wifi, and more.  The gallery gives artists a place to work their work, the community an event venue.  Studios include workspace, individual galleries and shop.  Meeting and classrooms are also available. And of course, the coffee shop and wifi enhances space for conversations, meetings, and social interaction.


Perry Smith, Instructor Guitar And Drums

Perry Smith offers classes on guitar, mandolin and hand percussion.  Classes are taught in 30 minutes or group sessions.

Guitar Classes

Classes are taught in a three part system:

  1. Reading Music - classical and contemporary
  2. Playing Songs - chords and singing
  3. Lead Guitar - theory, scales and improvisation

Drum Classes

Available to teach in drum circles or travel with drums.  Learn basic hand drum skills, some West African rhythms, hot to freestyle, and have fun playing with others.   


In addition to classes, Perry brings the perfect music to your event (and that includes theArtWorks-Wilmington(tm) events!).  He has been performing for a wide range of audiences since he was a child and plays solo or in ensemble.    

Perry's specialties include the following:  classical guitar; electric guitar; acoustic guitar; Native American flute; mandolin; original songs; popular songs; West African and Middle Eastern percussion; percussion for musical groups; drum circles; and dance accompaniment.

Hours available for classes:

Monday 1:30 - 7 pm
Tuesday 4 - 7 pm
Wednesday 4 - 4:30 pm

Bio and Formal Training

Classical guitar at University of North Carolina-Wilmington

(910) 520-7792


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