theArtWorks™ houses  a 7K square foot gallery, artists studios, coffee shop, wifi, and more.  The gallery gives artists a place to work their work, the community an event venue.  Studios include workspace, individual galleries and shop.  Meeting and classrooms are also available. And of course, the coffee shop and wifi enhances space for conversations, meetings, and social interaction.


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4th Friday ART Gallery Night 6-9PM


Context is the conception of our experienced memories, it is the ability to process our perception of what we observe to be reality in relation to what we have experienced. Yet if we find a way to ignore context, we become free from these self-imposed limits of our conscious minds - that which is unfortunately trained to construct imagery through preconceived association. The pure essence of the psyche exposed through automatism lacks filter and meaning. Consciously our minds try construct our perception from what is an allusion to our memories. I feel my mind further slipping from this practice, into a world where deconstruction tears reality into an unconscious abstraction of the world. Even my subconscious thoughts themselves are deconstructed and continuously abstracted into their own visceral language.

     Just as thought spontaneously erupts from the subconscious mind, my work strives to evoke those very same depths of unadulterated creativity from the visualization of the automatic process. In the absence of control and reason, the form is allowed to suggest itself. It should exist and speak in its very own voice, not as a slave of its own creation. Without reference, even the subconscious is at a loss. As our perception evolves as we mature, our subconscious is a reflection of that which we have experienced. Each new memory is a tiny drop of ink clouding our perceptive canvas. I have always been compelled to a sense of belonging to the arts and I feel my influences have shaped much of what I strive to create.

     As a child, I absorbed every bit of visual information that was presented to me, from the angular patterns of the world around me and the contours of line it creates to the numerous artists I was exposed to. From the childish yet robust worlds of Dr. Seuss to the broken yet reassembled styles of Picasso and geometrical engineered dimensionality of Escher. Their strong contrasts, repetitive abstractions, and recurring patterns undoubtedly affected the style of my art. I find inspiration still in the suprematism of Malevich, whos stark forms effortlessly defy their planar surroundings. The gestural action paintings of Pollock's expressionism were clear to me - that the artist's energy could be infused into their work.

     As I progressed in my work, it became apparent that surrealism and automatism specifically spoke parallel to my ideals. It was as if a lost part of me had been reunited with understanding. I felt myself belonging to these ideas and stronger still, the ability to create from a pure cognition that was much greater than my own. In many ways these concepts explain my own madness, and teach me that each fierce brush stroke can bring relief to my own frustrations. Now, when I create, it is with the knowledge that my work flows from nothing, breathing life into a world outside the constraints of our conception of dimension, their movement exists outside of time itself; and they are living entity. I am therefore compelled to continue creating. 




Kim has been an active member of the Wilmington music scene since 2006. Her original songs are sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking, in a style that runs the gamut from heartfelt folk to upbeat pop rock. She also offers unique interpretations of cover songs from The Beatles to Lady Gaga.

Her current project, Folkstar, is a folk-rock project with guitarist Sue Cag. The follow-up to their debut, "Emotional Bootcamp", is a 16 track folk-rock cornucopia called "Loud and Clear" and is slated for release in summer 2013. You can check out Folkstar at Keep up with Kim's solo shows via

Venues Kim has played include: House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC; Pour House, Raleigh, NC; Berkeley Cafe, Raleigh, NC; Soapbox Laundro Lounge, Wilmington, NC; 16 Taps, Wilmington, NC; The Underground, Wilmington, NC; Bottega Art and Wine, Wilmington, NC; Juggling Gypsy, Wilmington, NC; Costello's Piano Bar, Wilmington, NC; Holiday Inn Sunspree, Wrightsville Beach, NC; Blackhorn Bar and Restaurant, Carolina Beach, NC; Harvey's Deli and Tavern, Burgaw, NC; Murphy's Pub at Mad Boar Restaurant, Wallace, NC; Moe's Southwest Grill, Greenville, NC.

Fourth Friday Gallery Nights are free monthly events where downtown area galleries, studios and art spaces open their doors to the public in an after-hours celebration of art and culture. Taking place from 6:00-9:00 p.m. on the fourth Friday of each month, the self-guided tours have made the downtown area downtown Wilmington a popular destination for art lovers.

The ArtWorks™ is planned art village providing art studios, gallery space, and an event venue-- fostering a creative environment for artists, educational opportunities, and enhancement of the Wilmington community. Once part of the original Block Shirt factory, the ArtWorks™ on Willard Street, is central to the developing district between South Front Street and Third Street, now known as the Cape Fear Historic Byway;  Near Greenfield Lake.


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