theArtWorks™ houses  a 7K square foot gallery, artists studios, coffee shop, wifi, and more.  The gallery gives artists a place to work their work, the community an event venue.  Studios include workspace, individual galleries and shop.  Meeting and classrooms are also available. And of course, the coffee shop and wifi enhances space for conversations, meetings, and social interaction.


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4th Friday Art Gallery Night 6PM-9PM

Featured Artist: Stephanie Cribb

Entertainer: Susan Savia

Fourth Friday Gallery Nights are free monthly events where downtown area galleries, studios and art spaces open their doors to the public in an after-hours celebration of art and culture. Taking place from 6:00-9:00 p.m. on the fourth Friday of each month, the self-guided tours have made the downtown area downtown Wilmington North Carolinaa popular destination for art lovers.

The ArtWorks™ is planned art village providing art studios, gallery space, and an event venue-- fostering a creative environment for artists, educational opportunities, and enhancement of the Wilmington North Carolina community. Once part of the original Block Shirt factory, the ArtWorks™ on Willard Street, is central to the developing district between South Front Street and Third Street, now known as the Cape Fear Historic Byway;  Near Greenfield Lake.

Wishing Upon A Star Stephanie Cribb
In Bloom Stephanie Cribb

"Caught In The Groove OF Making A Dream A Reality"


Life as we all know is full of many emotions from experiences good and bad.  As an artist I strive to develop paintings that express past, present or future emotional chapters of not only my on Earth but for whom cross paths with one of my finished pieces.  My subject and style range on the art spectrum but I cannot seem to focus on one particular end for I feel that life is full of different styles, different subjects and of course many different feelings so why not express them all.

I studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design which led me to love acrylic paint.  Since, I have enjoyed expressing my ideas with vibrant acrylic colors.  At times one particular color is the focal point in many of my pieces which is determined by the path I am taking in life at the moment when I pick up my paint brush.  Of course there are times when I am creating a particular piece and my mind switches chapters.  At this time I have no control over what the finished piece will be and must work on it until it is complete.  All of my pieces represent a piece of my soul but they also represent another soul traveling on this planet.  It's a true blessing when the universe aligns one of my paintings to become a personal attachment to another soul.


                I appreciate you taking the time to gander at my dreams on canvas!

             Peace & Smiles,                                                                                                                                              Stephanie Cribb                                                                                                                                               dreaming-n-color studio

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Artists' Open Studios
Later Event: January 24
Artist's Open Studios