theArtWorks™ houses  a 7K square foot gallery, artists studios, coffee shop, wifi, and more.  The gallery gives artists a place to work their work, the community an event venue.  Studios include workspace, individual galleries and shop.  Meeting and classrooms are also available. And of course, the coffee shop and wifi enhances space for conversations, meetings, and social interaction.


Behind the purple wall

Erika Lawrence, who occupies the large purple studio at the end of Rembrandt, has been at theArtWorks™ since its beginning.

First a painter, she now primarily works with clay and turns out 3D masterpieces. Some of her works are lovely and interesting hand crafted containers with (don't tell!) secret lids, and she says she thinks of them as vessels. Not only are they great for hiding valuables, but I hear they make perfect urns to keep the ashes of the dearly departed. In this picture, a vessel is to the right of the mysterious beauty who holds the world in her hands.


post by suse

post by suse